Noses made from polymer clay

When I make a polymer clay nose for a commission dog I also make a few extra in the hope I can have one ready for a similar dog that I may make in the future.

I have been sorting out my ‘spare noses’ box and came across one of those shiny noses that I bought years ago, I’m sure it would look great on a teddy but not on a realistic dog. We learn as we go along and our choices differ, I now know that the wrong shape, size or colour can spoil even the most realistic face.

I’ve certainly squashed up plenty of pre baked noses to arrive where I am now but it has all been worth it, nothing like adding that final feature to turn a needle felted sculpture into a lifelike dog.


Rough mixed fibre

Needle felting a loose rough coat can be a challenge, those fibres need to lay convincingly this way and that, they also need to hold firm and in place without being flattened by the needle felting process.

Little Needle Felted Alpaca

I made a little alpaca with some of the wool and took it to the alpaca farm, good excuse to go back and see those adorable animals :)

Needle Felted Beardie

Beardie loves Barbie but Bertie bear Better!

Say it….

Beardie loves Barbie but Bertie bear better.

Carding in a little silk with the wool makes all the difference, I loved making the long flowing coat on this needle felted bearded collie dog.

Needle Felted Dachshund Puppy

Did I look like that?

Needle Felted Harlequin Great Dane

Just finished sculpting a beautiful girl with so many spots… A harlequin Great Dane. It was a lot of work phew!! But I’m very happy with the result and if the new owners like her it was all worth while.

I remember the first little dog that I made with a really challenging brindle coat, it was an Australian Boxer cross, he ended up being a real favourite.  I think the difficulties Iv’e had making the beautiful harlequin coat will make the Great Dane special too.



Light box

Really pleased with the light box I bought… Saves so much time setting up photo scenes.  This picture was taken in the box. To get the look I wanted I used a sheet of white paper over the backing cloth.

If you would like a guinea pig made like the ones in the picture please pop along to my shop

Taken another 4″ Dog Commission

Sold the needle felted dog commission portrait on ebay tonight, it will be going to Cincinnati USA …Don’t know what breed of dog I will be making, I’ll keep you posted.

…..Got the pictures through, it was a darling apricot / red poodle.  I love needle felting  poodles.


Needle felted flowers from a friend

We all have a natural style within us that shows when we create.

Cathy gave me these beautiful needle flowers, I would call her style…. Impressionistic and free flowing, the colour choice is amazing too.  Lovely work from somebody who is totally new to needle felting.

Needle felted Dandie Dinmont finished

UPDATE…New owner very happy with her little dandie…So I’m happy too.

Little needle felted Dandie Dinmont dog went off to his new owner yesterday, with his leather collar and disc (owner wanted Happy Birthday written on it)

I was happy with the end result, the slipper in his mouth looked much better than the needle felted food.  I went over his back with a layer of alpaca, it was a good blend of the right colour greys and added to the realism.

His handmade German glass eyes sparkled in the light and with dashes of silk in his topknot he was ready to meet his new owner at the birthday party.